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14-09-2017: - Database updated up to the latest version of the game.
- Titus added into the Masters list.

17-08-2017: - Database updated up to the latest version of the game.
- Yuri added into the Masters list.

07-07-2017: Added the Traits Chart to the Guide Builder.
Added quick BBCODE guide to the Guide Builder.
Added more bbcodes to the Guide Builder.

07-07-2017: Fixed the descriptions of the skills for all masters.

05-07-2017: Site's interface messages were translated into all supported languages of the game. We used the goole translate for this, so there should be errors in the translations. If you notice one, please report it on our forum.

30-06-2017: Hello guys!
After a long period of inactivity we are finally back on the track! Today the database was updated up to the latest version of the game. We've added support for all game languages and fixed some bugs here and there.
With the database being up to date, we can now focus on the improvement of the Guide builder. If you have any suggestions, please post them on our forum.

23-11-2016: We've got more giveaway codes for you guys! Post a message here to get one!


MxM Alpha test Giveaway Codes!

Hello, guys. As you may already know, NCSOFT began a new Alpha test today. This test is all about Ranked mode for Titan Ruins, NCSOFT's own take on the 5v5, three-lane game mode, where you push toward—and eventually destroy—your enemy’s Core. But this version has a few unique twists, so be sure to check out the recent Titan Ruins Overview video for all the details:

Moreover, the guys at NCSOFT were kind enough to supply us with 10 Giveaway codes which give you an access to this play test.
So if you still don't have your key, just post a message in this thread of our forum. First 10 posters will receive a key.

19-10-2016: - Added the "Skins" section.
- Added the "Monsters" section.
- Added the "Stages" section. Here you can find the data about all possible stage rewards, challenges, rare creatures and stage maps.
- The Guide/Build builder now shows the default Node compatibility icons for each master.
- Added the comment e-mail notifictions and page subscriptions. Users can manage their settings and subscriptions via dropdown menu under the logout button.
- Added the "Tutorial missions" section with full tutorial texts. If you've skipped the tutorial and missed some useful info, you can always find it there.

05-09-2016: - Added the German and French versions of the site. Some site messages still have to be translated from English. Please, contact me if you can help with the translation.
- Added the Master Nodes selection into the Guide Builder.
- Added the Item Exchange section.
- Added the Player levels list.

27-08-2016: - The database updated up to the latest version of the game (Alpha 3).
- Added more skill stats to the skill pages. The Attack radius/range stat is still incorrect for some skills. Will fix it later.
- Added skill level bonuses to the skill pages.
- Added videos of the skills to the skill pages.
- Removed unused skills from the skill lists.
- Added the "Skill level up order chart" to the guide builder.
- Added auxiliary skills to the guide builder.

19-08-2016: - Added the Quick filters to the Detailed Masters List. Now it's now possible to filter masters by the Attunement and Playstyle.
18-08-2016: - The database updated up to the latest version of the game (Alpha 2).
- Added the "Missions" section.
- Added the Quick Filters for the "Items" section.
- Added the Build Type (PvEvP, PvE, PvP) selector into the Guide builder.
15-08-2016: - Site launch.
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