Dignified Ker-POW! The Lightning Lord of Amaari I’ll Be Right Behind You! I Ain’t Scare! Air Strike! Incoming! Smartest AI in the Universe! MY BLOOD BOILS! WHO DARES AWAKEN MY FURY? BRING ME MORE GLORY! I AM WAR INCARNATE! Count On Me Fly, My Beauties! Which One Shall I Pick Today? Genius Lots of Friends! Do You Want to be My Friend Too? Have You Met All My Other Friends? Tiny Summoner Need Some “Professional” Help? Cross Fire Guns and Style The Problem-Solver The Blade of Ascension Is that Your Answer? I Am Not Who I Used to be Black Rose Witch The Beauty of the Asmodian Palace Keeping the Fire Temple Warm Quite a Daeva Jaded Adjudicator Combo! I’m Looking For a Masked Man... Perfect Form The Vengeful Antique Camera Can You Take a Photo of Us? Photo Synd-thesis The Relentless Photographer Cold Feet Frozen Over Frostbite The Forgotten Queen The Idol Concert Tickets! Peace and Love For Universal Peace! It's Not Like I Wanted to Help! Let's Play! I'll Invite You Too! Blackram Pirates Professional Cursed Sword Puny Mortals! I Will Return to My King Someday You Are Unworthy You’ll Just Keep Coming Back The Heroine Cheerful Warrior The Victorious Cuddly Clingy Squishy Blob Massive Skill Let the Lesson Begin! Don't Touch Anything! You Need My Inventions? A Genius Scientist For My Sister The Blessings of a Priestess Soaring Hawk The Guardian Priestess Who Summoned Me? Pyro Inferno Blaze of Atreia Nightmare of Rentu Shadow Weaver Where is She? A-Synd-mmilated Warrior From Afar Sohothin's Wrath Behold, the power of Charr! Legendary Char Kitty! Yarn Ball Laser Pointer Can Has? Commendable Collaboration Ram or Bacchus? Bacchus' Wish Double Synd Pitcher 'n' Clean-up Hitter I Need a Worthwhile Rival! For the Master League Undefeated Baseball Champ Relentless Air Strike Missile Reload How Does Food Taste? Pleiades NO.4 Rescuer It's Maia! To the Rescue! Pleiades NO.3 Peculiar Akumian Hole Through the Chest Can’t Get Over Her Ferocious Boulder Fighter from Earth Successors of Vais Man of Tenacity Rocket Punch Master Shugo Merchant What’s Mine is Yours The Generous Merchant Born into Good Fortune Venomous Child Queen’s Friend Poison and Blade Venomous Guardian Spirit My First Mercenary Why, Thanks! The Tactician Strategic Genius Veteran Tactician By Any Other Name Spread the Word Making a Name for Yourself My Reputation Precedes Me Where Everybody Knows Your Name Augmentation Practice Augmentation Novice Augmentation Expert Augmentation Master Professional Blacksmith Weapon Master - Taejin Weapon Master - MBA-07 Weapon Master - Sizuka Weapon Master - Demenos Weapon Master - Koom Weapon Master - Innowin Weapon Master - Death Knight Weapon Master - Cagnazzo Weapon Master - Moro Weapon Master - Arami Weapon Master - Vonak Weapon Master - Jinsoyun Weapon Master - Kromede Weapon Master - Jingtai Weapon Master - Lorraine