Glyph: Binding Master Glyph: Gravel Fist Master Glyph: Hinder-Plasm Master Glyph: Relocation Master Glyph: Animate Golem Master Unload Master Spray Pattern Master Whipshot Master Slamshot Master Hail of Bullets Master Flash Step Master Rising Blade Master Blade Rush Master Chi Pull Master Shock Blade Master Quick Draw Master Galeforce Arrow Master Blot Out the Sun Master Aetherpike Shards Master Righteous Justice Master Million Staff Burst Master Sweep Aside Master Bounding Strike Master Fling Master Spirit of Protection Master Speed Shooting Master Lens Focus Master Flashbang Master F-Stop Master Maximum Exposure Master Permafrost Petals Master Arctic Storm Master Frost Spire Master Shivershard Master Rime Pulse Master Wooly Ballad Master Note of Nullification Master Valiabolt Master Vital Aura Master Universal Peace Master Blitz Grenade Master Gatling Jump Master Suppressing Fire Master Shoot Em Up Master MOW THEM DOWN Master Arcblade Master Backspin Blade Master Ringblade Striker Master Scatterblade Master Blade Storm Master Cling Master Acidic Burst Master Cell Division Master Rubberize Master Bumaru Master Prism Bot: Cloaking Field Master Bruiser Bot: Blitz Master Artillery Bot: Barrage Master Repair Bot: Shield Boost Master Orbital Laser Master Bird of Prey Master Talon Swarm Master Birds of a Feather Master Feather Crest Master Screeching Crest Master Pyrobarrier Master Set Ablaze Master Fiery Advance Master Elemental Wrath Master Stoke the Coals Master Ripper Beam Master Tesla Mines Master Optic Disruptor Master Tele-Strike Master Shadow Drone Assault Master Ferocious Leap Master Hamstring Master Head Shot Master Pistol Whip Master Sohothin's Wrath Master Mew the Cat Master Kai the Cat Master King the Cat Master Queen the Cat Master Cheer up, Meow! Master Ram's Well Master Bacchus's Fist Master Bacchus's Retaliation Master Ram's Impaler Master Duality Slam Master Scatterball Master Catcher's Mit Master Power Slide Master Firecracker Master Knock Em Out of the Park Master Missile Salvo Master Devastator Rocket Master Vector Strike Master Conversion Battery Master Target Locked Master Savior Protocol Master Recall Tether Master Combat Protocol Master Anti-Kinesis Barrier Master Synergy Protocol Master Knuckle Duster Master Bold Leap Master Tunnel Strike Master Oppression Master Earthquake Master Punch Out Master Southpaw Special Master Body Blow Master Light Stepper Rocket Punch Master Enchantment Stone Bundle Master Supply Bundle Master Manastone Bundle Master Trickster Bundle Master FIRESALE! Master Venom Dance Master Throw Poison Bottle Master Protection of the Sword Master Queen’s Dance Master Naga Queen’s Wrath Master Shrapnel Rocket Master Distortion Shell Master Claymore Charge Master Molten Rain Master Napalm Wave Master Around the Clock Working Overtime All-Nighter Guild Master So close.... A Good Battle Rather Draw than Lose Well Matched-Up Crouching Tiger and Hidden Dragon It Can’t Be! How In the World! In the Blink of an Eye First Loss Bitter Defeat I Can’t Just Lose Like This! It Happens What’s Important is Your Winning Rate First Loss Had Fun, But Lost