Giving In GG The Point is to Capture! I think I’m Getting the Hang of This I’ve Got it Now! I’m Sure of It Now! I Guess Knowing Doesn’t Mean Winning... Done What Should Be Done Professional Up There With the Gods Money Where Your Mouth Is Semi Carry Hard Carry Pocket Change Good Money Hold My Wallet! Self-made! Stingy Miser A Week A Month Already? First Birthday Almost a Year A Year and Then Some One Thousand Days To Become a Guild Master Joint Destiny Zip It! Zip It Good! Time of Silence Hello Darkness My Old Friend Red Flag Manners Maketh Man Internet Delinquent Been a While Miss Me? Look Who’s Back! It Is I! Reporting Back for Duty! One Thousand Days in Wait Girl Power World Peace On Fire Otherworldly Traveler Otherworldly Conqueror Underworld Traveler Underworld Conqueror The Butcher The Slayer Bloodstorm Worn Out Infected Stormrider Bugged Tamed Strike The Pin Cushion The Fool The Merciless The Problem-solver The Problem-solver The Frenzy Karmic Equializer Functional Sociopath Battlefield Hero Angel of Death Karmic Equalizer Demon-blooded Arena Master Immortal Slayer Reaper God of Destruction The Bot Exterminator Sentry Safety G-Series Quality Inspector Vermin Extermination Squad The Gardener Ruthless Quick-Witted The Persistent Shadow Hunter Pest Control The Merciful Inquisitor The Quickdraw Highlander Heart of Gold Making It Work Middle Class Success Story The 1% The Peddler The Merchant The Supplier The Entrepreneur The Tycoon Annihilator Assault Team Reckless Reliable The Titan The Conqueror Olympian Maestro Everything is Ruined King of the Hill The Athlete Lacrimosa Tourist Lacrimosa Tour Guide Lacrimosa Explorer Lacrimosa Historian Lacrimosa Conqueror Caligo Tourist Caligo Tour Guide Caligo Explorer Caligo Historian Caligo Conqueror Nuuran Tourist Nuuran Tour Guide Nuuran Explorer Nuuran Historian Nuuran Conqueror Rentu Tourist Rentu Tour Guide Rentu Explorer Rentu Historian Rentu Conqueror Karith Tourist Karith Tour Guide Karith Explorer Karith Historian Karith Conqueror Two's Company, Three's a Crowd Social Butterfly Artifact Hunter Shard Courier The Immortal The Alchemist The Skilled Press 2 to Win Bam! Bam! Bam! The Relentless The Martyr Optimistic Indomitable 300 Legendary Let Your Sol Glow! Intellectual Scrapper