Supernova A Long and Winding Road Unchained Veteran Patient Holic Too Lucky Ourobouros The Resourceful Battlefield Wolf Golden Bullet The Assassin The Guardian The Aristocrat The Artillery The Gladiator The Engineer The Magician The Mercenary The Black Rose The Adjudicator The Sensei The Photographer The Forgotten Queen The Idol Groundskeeper The Cursed The Tenacious The Lovable The Mad Scientist The Priestess The Forgotten Spirit The Shadow The Destined Crazy Cat Lady Breakaway Syntheside The MVP The Android The Savior Outsider Left Arm of Justice Merchant of Fortune Venom Queen Powder Keg Mercenary Tactician Celebrity Hero Honed Weapon Specialist Weapon Master Crafty Useful Haggler Shugo Single-minded Has Some Feelings Fixated The Hermit Dedicated Renowned The Completionist Triforce Earth Defense Corps Dinoforce Coach Galactic Special Forces Grand Master Otherworldly Traveler Otherworldly Conqueror Underworld Traveler Underworld Conqueror Pioneer The one who saw the change The one who crossed the border Deserter Cowardly Scaredy Cat Around the Clock Ardent Specialist Dynamic Duo Double Trouble Helix Specialist Two of a Kind Kinetic Specialist Treasure Hunter Gain XP I’m Rich! Gain XP Gold-Digger Gain XP Mission Specialist Monster Hunter Damage Dealer Can’t Touch This Slayer Don’t Stop Me Now Combat Arena Titan Ruins AI Mini Master Combat Arena AI Match Maker Adequate Aid Score Keeper Ace Monster Mash Brutal Untouchable Slayer Unstoppable Combat Arena Specialist Titan Ruins Specialist Mini Master Specialist Match Maker Helping Hand Titan Ruins Pointman Veteran Monster Smash Relentless Untouchable Slayer Unstoppable Combat Arena Master Titan Ruins Master Match Making Master Helpful Master Randomized Brutality Lock and Load Mecha Master Silent Blade Lightning Rod Rock Lob...ster Take the Shot These Old Bones Hook, Line, Sinker ROBO GOGO Let's Play a Game Less QQ, more Pew Pew Yo Soy Jin Quiver with Antici...pation Multiple Concussions The Whole Story The Dredgion Froze Over Song of My People A Pirate's Life for Me Sling Blade Blobbing It Up Volatile Experiment Multi-pass?