Have You Tried Turning It Off And On Again? Rolling in the Deep Short Circuit Dude, Did You Just Throw a Car?! Koros, I Choose You! Volt Tackle! Fiddler on the Roof Earth! Fire! Wind! Water! Bugs? Hey, Who Turned Out the Lights?! Host Engineering 101 The Cake is a Lie Hot in Here Don't Go Chasing Totem Poles Temple Runner Who Needs Space? Is That An Owl? Do You Wanna Build a... Sandcastle? A Lovely Day! There's Sand in My Boot! How is Its Web Not Full of Sand?! Two Birds with One Stone Quickdraw Momentum Infamous The Professional The Professional Frenzy THE EXECUTIONER! Killing Machine Battlefield Hero Avenging Angel Blood Thirsty Demon Hell’s Assasin Dominator of the Battlefield Immortal Slayer Angel of Death God of Destruction Basic Combat Training Turret? I Barely Know It! 4G SPEED Parasite Stomper Juice Master Weed Whacker The Eye of the Storm Kill it With Fire! A Ray of Sunshine Bug Bomb The Chosen One Burn the Witch! Come Out and Play! Step 1 : Earn the Money. Step 2 : Save the Money. Step 3 : ???? Step 4 : Profit! Rockefeller? I Don’t Even Know Her! Pawn Shop Regular Flea Market Vendor Regional Supplier National Retail Chain To Big To Fail Swing a Lot, Don’t Get Hit Keep Firing and Don’t Stand in Red Stuff Dance the Danse Macabre Float Like a Butterfly, Sting Like a Bee Hover Like a Hovertank, Blow ‘em Up Like a Hovertank Young Titans I Thought We Were Playing Deathmatch? Quit Jumping on my Knife! Whaddaya Mean ‘Other Objectives’? I Am the Titan Oh No You Didn't Trollolol Can’t Catch Me! The Best Defense Is A Good Offense You Get NOTHING! First Blood Beginner's Luck Quite the Reputation Legend--Wait for it... --DARY! Attack On Titan Clash Of The Titans Titanfallen and I Can’t Get Up Titanium Big Freakin’ Golems Alexander the Great Tamerlane Attila the Hun Napoleon Genghis Khan Stupid Human Tricks County Fair Champion Reality TV Show Contestant Olympic Athlete Grand Marshal of the Thanksgiving Day Parade A New Obsession A Test of Skill Seasoned Veteran Battle Master Maestro of the Battlefield What Just Happened? Attack its Weak Point! Ruins Veteran Ruins Raider Everything is Ruined Forever My First Hardpoint Capture Capture or Defend Capture Veteran All Your Base are Belong to Me Gotta Capture ‘em All! Stretching Exercise Aerobics Instructor Ready for The Nationals Called up to the Majors Chariots of Fire Caligo Traveler Caligo Adventurer Caligo Explorer Caligo Expert Caligo Conqueror Rentu Traveler Rentu Adventurer Rentu Explorer Rentu Expert Rentu Conqueror Synd Ingenuity Lacrimosa Traveler Lacrimosa Adventurer Lacrimosa Explorer Lacrimosa Expert Lacrimosa Conqueror Karith Traveler Karith Adventurer Karith Explorer Karith Expert Karith Conqueror Nuuran Traveler Nuuran Adventurer Nuuran Explorer Nuuran Expert Nuuran Conqueror A Pirate’s Life For Me! I Only Steal What I Absolutely Want Fire Proof Roasted In the Heat of the Knight It’s Been a Hard Day’s work beating a Knight Ferocious Queen Ant No Picnic Exploring the Ascalon Underground Tomb