I’m Goin on an Adventure! Skilled Adventurer Trained Adventurer Expert Adventurer Nightmarish Clean Up Caligo Factory Bring the Power Back On Fear of the Dark A Stroll Through Karith Forest Beings of Another Dimension Red Reaper The Battlefield Wolf Artillery Robot Shadow Assassin Thunder Lord Guardian of Akum Golden Bullet Blood and Vengeance The Engineer Little Magician Double Tap The Black Rose The Adjudicator Self-Discipline Paparazzi Ice Queen Magical Girl Admiralty Cursed Knight Boomerang You Really Want Him Around? Mad Science is Most Fun Science Descendent of the Nashrune Read, Aim.... The Shadow of Rentu Charr Hero Adorable Little One Former Synd Ace on the Mound Air Strike Rescue Android Furious Akum Atomic Fist Merchant of Fortune Venomous Guardian Spirit Snagged! Leave it to Me! Capture Master n00b H4x0r 1337 First of Many Hi There! Besties BFFs Socialite Social Celebrity The Social Network A Friendly Gift You Will be Avenged! Your Death will not be in Vain Titan Shard This Isn’t Even My Final Form! Assemble! It’ll Take More than That to... Ow. Never Surrender! Thick Skinned Potion Pick-up Lifesaver Potion Overdose It Can't be that Bad Tastes Better Than it Looks Acquired Taste Grrrrreat! Gives You Wings Last Resort Better Luck Next Time! Bang! Not Again... Basics Material Collector Plentiful Affluent Just Need One More - Damage Just Need One More - Fast Just Need One More - Expansion Just Need One More - Focus Just Need One More - Trait Faaaantastic! Must be My Lucky Day No Guts No Glory You’ll Put Your Eye Out! Symbol of Rage The Corrupt Adjudicator Ferocity Cursed Armory What is This, a Ring For Ants?! Legendary Sword On Your Feet, Soldier! Herculean I’m Fine! What Doesn’t Kill Me... Oh Wait, It Did. This is SPARTA! I’ll Never Stop Old Soldiers Never Die Back to the Battlefield This Can’t Be the End! Bet You Weren’t Expecting an Achievement For This! Because the First 107 Were No Big Deal Those Who Seek Death Shall Live Undying Master Sunlight Sun Warmed Sunburned Sunstroke Enlightened Path of Mastery Path of Liberation Path of Dignity Path of Patience Halfway There Path of Fortune The Endless Path That Was Close Barely Scraping By Die Hard Die Harder A Good Day To Die Hard Yippee-ki-yay! Strong as Any Do You Dare? An Impressive Record Dominatrix of the Battlefield Wolf Tamer I'm Fine by Myself Battlefield Wolf Battlefield Hero Watch Your Head! Wind! One Shot, One Kill Sniper Tread Lightly Merciful Death Resistance Master You'll Never Hear Me Coming Silent Boulder Between a Rock and a Hard Place For Akum! Guardian of Akum